More and More Dreams

A boiler room of some kind. Dark, damp, yellow. Three dark silhouettes of piston like thingys with a bore on top and god knows what lies beneath. I am walking aimlessly in this dimly lit space and suddenly I suffocate and feel like am dragged into one of the pistons into a void. I know I am not alive and I know I am not dead and I am no ghost either.

I found myself wrapping something. I know not what it is, yet I laugh. Then I find myself in a classroom all dressed up for some reason only then to be called by all a jerk. I then find out what my gift was and for who it was for, a bible for some lady. This for some reason made her cry and everyone hate me. I then threw up.

I find myself in a very dark room with a light swaying back and forth and for the longest time its just me, but then an older roady comes face to face with me. He then pulls up a lit cigaret takes a drag and says the familiar line of " I told him to do it, he did, and the rest is history. Then after taking another puff from his cigaret he moves back into the darkness. A light off in the distance turns on showing a lady dancing in a yellow poke-a-doted bikini. She starts to dance the twist. Other then that she has dirty blond with red highlighted hair.