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Joe, I wrote down my dream this morning just for you... I was in someones art studio... it had no square walls and was completely covered with kitchen cabinets. There was a group of guys in the back attempting to install some sort of water hook up and they asked me for help and for my name. I thought about it for a bit and told them my name was jebediah the one person who knew my real name laughed. When I looked into what they were doing I could see through the wall into another room that looked like a cluttered garage. I searched through a drawer for some joint compound but only found a mini tea light oil lamp still sealed in its packaging I approach one of the guys and said "I was looking for one thing but found this" when I opened the lamp it appeared to be 4 pieces of pickled asparagus in salsa he said the salsa wasn't hot enough but that it had a good flavor. I walked away after poking around at the asparagus and trying to light it. Back on the other side of the room I ask the artist if he designed the room layout and furniture... he replies "yes" as I sit on a bench that wobbles on uneven legs.
- jeremy

I am part of a tribe and me and another tribe member are looking at each other. Our heads have been wrapped in gauze since we were small; a ritual of the tribe to keep our heads at a small size. We begin to unwrap our heads and they are the size of an infant's head. Our features are extremely deformed and there is no hair on our heads. The wrappings also restricted blood from the skin so our heads are blue. To hide the blue, we both spray paint our heads with flesh colored paint. We don't get all of the blue hidden and the paint also comes off in the weather or smears off.

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