Finally had a interesting dream,
I was in space w/ stars n'such and I sucked into a black-hole...I was floating by my spaceship in my astronaut uniform before I got sucked in, but when I came out the other side I was all alone. You know when you have had too much to drink and you feel that heavy caving in/sinking into your bed sensation? that's what my body felt like at worp-speed. It reminded me of a mix between Donnie Darko worm-hole and that weird spacy-experiment movie, CONTACT w/ Jodie Foster.

I'm driving home in the snow looking out over mountains when a giant dark cloud appears in the distance. it is one of those clouds that you can tell is dropping rain really heavily, except there are flames coming out the top. the snow goes away and everything turns green. i finally get home and google it and apparently it's no big deal.


This one is less cool. And Joe knows this...I usually have the most boring dreams ever! This dream woke me up seconds before my alarm clock went off.

'I was at work, a tattoo shop with an almost all glass window front. I was all alone and this Hispanic fellow was outside acting weird w/ a baseball bat in his hand. He was pacing back and forth, he had this " Just got out of prison" look on him. I yelled thru glass "I'm calling the police if you dont leave!" then, a co-worker came in (he didnt have huge part in this, just that he was there) Scary-guy disappeared for a minute then came back with a chainsaw, I locked the stor-front glass door, which he broke thru. I locked myself in the bathroom, with my cell phone dialing 911- it wasn't working...the call just was not going thru. Scary dude was in the shop, I was thinking, maybe he doesn't speak english, so I yelled POLICIA! POLICIA!on the floor of the bathroom w/ my foot up against the door'Then woke up w/ slight heart palpitations.


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