Some More Dreams

I had a recurring dream when I was little that I was walking around my house alone in the dark. When I looked down the stairs, the house started to grow and twist while I shrank. The stairs stretched out and started to twist like a helix. After that it kind of sucked back into original shape before shrinking while I grew. The shrinking and growing kept alternating as I became more disoriented. I felt frozen at the top of the stairs, afraid to take a step as everything was constantly changing. It was like experiencing being lost, having vertigo and being claustrophobic all at the same time.
- Matt

It's nighttime and I'm outside on the beach. I'm at the ocean and the moon is giant and reflecting off the water. I'm near the house where I am staying. There is a deck or porch nearby. I am strolling down the beach and then look up at the sky. I stare at it for awhile and then notice that someone is looking back down at me. There is a man on another planet that sees me on the beach. We wave to each other. I can see me from his perspective as well. Then somehow I end up in space on his planet. It's a spacestation type place. There are all these pods where people work. He shows me around his planet and asks me to stay. I look back down to earth, on the beach where I came from. I don't make a decision about whether to stay or not.
- Kim

The moon came really close to the earth and it was blue and orange/red in color but it was disintegrating like it was turning into a gas.  Then from behind, a shooting star or asteroid came from space and made a collision on the other side of earth.  It was clear that the impact was strong and it was scary because the group I was with (friends maybe?) didn't know what would happen next.  We just knew it had hit earth...only not close enough to kill us.  Then there was a colorful geometric pattern forming in the distance like a new landscape.  All of this is taking place at night.  The entire time, I was more concerned about taking good pictures than anything else.  I had my camera and was amazed at what I was seeing and while scared, I was more fascinated.  I remember wondering if I would survive to show the pictures as documentation of this event.
- Ashley